How to Make Your Home Open House Ready

This is the season for real estate because buyers are ready to spend their holidays looking for the house of their dreams. Therefore, you as the seller need to be ready to capture their attention by staging your home just right in order to appeal to that special homebuyer. Here are a few tips on how to make your home inviting and open house ready.


Advertisement is the quickest form of getting the word out about your home for sale. Even though, you may be working with a Real Estate agent, your efforts as a seller should include placing a small ad in your local newspaper announcing your open house, talking with neighbors, and ensuring brochures and solicitations are up to date.

Make Your Home Sparkle

Mr. or Mrs. Clean should live at your house during the time you are trying to sell your home. During your open house, make sure that all personal memoirs, small expensive items, jewelry and pictures are placed in a safe place or safe deposit box outside of the home. Clear all clutter and knickknacks from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and outside entryways, because you want to show that your home is move in ready. If you have any pets, please be sure to clear your home of pet items during the open house.

Staging your home during the open house will give your home that comfy and relaxing feel by placing candles, flowers or any type of festive arrangement around the house to give your home an inviting feel and it wouldn’t hurt to have soft music and a nice fresh scent throughout your home to add to the ambiance.

Prepare Guest List

One the most important things to have at an open house is a guest list. A guest list is the key to following up with potential buyers after the showing. Make sure to have your guest list displayed on the kitchen counter or close to the front entryway. Your real estate agent should provide a guest list sign up sheet, if not, you can easily make up one on your own.

List as much Information Possible

Lastly, ensure that all contact information and Realtor information is properly displayed so that potential buyers are able to pick up the information easily. Ensure that all pertinent information is available on your home brochure such as price, bedrooms, bonus rooms, pools, bathrooms, etc. and any other particulars about the house.

Buyers love to know what other amenities that are available to them in your neighborhood so do not hesitate to include any additional information about your community, including neighborhood crime watch, schools, playgrounds or parks that are nearby. This information could possibly help sell your home.

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